Bunnings Blinds vs Custom Roller Blinds


A lot of customers ask us, "What's the difference between ordering custom blinds from the Blinds Dept and buying cut-down roller blinds from Bunnings?" The short answer is, there is a big difference! Price, quality, service, convenience, guarantees. When you buy custom roller blinds online from the Blinds Dept you get a superior product for a better price with excellent customer service and three-year warranty.


There's nothing like the convenience of ticking off your to-do list from the comfort of your own home. At the BlindsDept we make the process of ordering your blinds online simple and painless. 

Let's paint two pictures:


You need blockout blinds.

  • You click on BlindsDept from the comfort of your living room and select Instant Quote.
  • Insert measurements, select colour and receive a quote for affordable blockout roller blinds - custom made to fit your windows!
  • Add or duplicate more windows in Your Blinds page and easily checkout.
  • One week later, your custom made roller blinds are delivered to your door, ready to be installed
  • Easily install with tools you already have at home for better sleep, greater light control and more privacy!

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You need blockout blinds. You pack the kids in the car, armed with your window measurements, and drive to your local Bunnings. Eventually you find parking and enter a crowded store. Walk up and down foreign aisles, trying (aimlessly) to seek help. You find shelves full of window blinds, shelves full of window furnishings! Which to choose?! You scour the shelves, trying to locate a suitable fabric in a suitable colour in a suitable size. Finally, you find what you've been looking for. "Not exactly the size I'm after, but it'll have to do," you think to yourself. 

Long line at checkout, long wait getting out of the parking lot, long way from getting blinds installed.

Finally, you arrive home and place your Bunnings roller blinds in front of the window - too long! You need to cut the blind down to size with a clamp, power saw and some serious measuring techniques (trip back to Bunnings anyone?) 

We're exhausted just thinking about it!



At Bunnings, you'll receive face-to-face advice from someone who is trained on a broad range of DIY or fabric topics. 

At the Blinds Dept, with over 10-years in the industry, we live and breath roller blinds. If you call or e-mail us, you'll receive in-depth advice from one of our team located in Melbourne. We're motivated by two things: customer service and simplicity. In re-imagining the online blinds experience, we drew on customer feedback to reduce confusion and create a seamless process from ordering to installation.




Ready made blinds from Bunnings won't necessarily fit your window. That means you may have to cut down the blind, leaving potential light gaps and fraying on the fabric. More than that, blinds made overseas often mean cheaper parts and components.  

BlindsDept blinds are made locally in Australia, with high quality fabrics and components. With a 3-year guarantee, you can be confident that you open and close several times a day without compromising quality over time.



Convenient and great quality blockout blinds, you'd expect custom made DIY blinds from BlindsDept to be more expensive, right? Well, not exactly.

Here's a quick snapshot* of prices for comparable blockout roller blinds:


1500 x 2100mm 

1800 x 2100mm

2400 x 2400mm





Blinds Dept





For the same price bracket, you can get the convenience, quality and assurance of a custom made roller blind from Blinds Dept.

*prices are indicative and may vary. Products searched may not be identical, but are based on a like-for-like comparison.


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