Benefits of Blockout Blinds

Blinds are not only an easy and affordable way of blocking out daylight and allowing privacy, but they also add colour, texture and can make a bold design statement to any window space. Here are some benefits of blockout blinds.


Blockout blinds are best known for their ability to restrict and control light seeping into the room. Whether you're a light sleeper, shift worker or concerned parent, blockout blinds are a great way to ensure that your sleep is not disturbed by light.

Blockout blinds are also effective in home theatres and studies, where screen glare can be a concern.


Living rooms and dining rooms with big windows can attract heat, especially in the summertime. Blockout blinds can assist in restricting glare and keeping a room cool on warm days.


The thick material used in blockout blinds will assist in keeping unwanted street noise out of your home. Especially handy for blocking out traffic at night.


Sheer blinds and curtains will provide privacy during daytime, but are less effective when lights are switched on at night. Blockout blinds offer complete privacy from neighbours and passers-by.


Blockout Roller Blinds fit close to the window and don't produce excess fabric when closed or open. When open, they almost disappear into the top of the window, providing a clear view out your window.  Blinds fit close to the window, creating clean lines and allowing them to blend into any room's decor. The opaque fabrics can match your interior when closed and looks good from the inside and outside of your home. Learn more about Blockout Roller Blinds here.


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