How to Fix Tracking on a Roller Blind

If your blind is not level, it may start tracking (or telescoping) to one side. Rather than rolling evenly, the fabric will gather towards one side as it is rolled up. Here are a few tips to fix a tracking blind.



Using a spirit level, check the mounting brackets to ensure that they are aligned and level. If your tube is not level, try adjusting the brackets. 

Check out our article on Mounting and Levelling Brackets.

If you're blind is level or you'd prefer not to drill extra holes, Head to Step Two.



  • Unroll your blind completely, so you can see where the fabric attaches to the tube. 
  • Attach a small piece of masking tape to the exposed tube, on the opposite end to where the blind is tracking.
  • Roll up your blind and check to see whether it is still tracking.
  • If your blind is still tracking, add a second or third piece of marking tape to the same spot.


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