Inside vs Outside Mount

You have the option of either an Inside mount (recess-fit) or outside mount (face fit) blinds. A recess fit blind will sit inside the recess of your window. A face fit will overlap and sit outside your window, either on the frame or architrave. The type of window you have will determine how you fit your blinds.


An inside mount (or recess fit) blind will be installed inside the recess of your window. 

Unsure whether your window has a recess? Read our help article here.

There are several things to consider when deciding how to mount your blind.

  • Does my window have a recess?
  • Does my window have obstructions?
  • Do I need a full blockout solution?

If your blind has a recess with at least 50mm of unobstructed clearance, we recommend inside mounting your blind. If not, an outside mount may be more suitable. 

Keep in mind, the measurement you provide is bracket to bracket. If you are inside mounting your blind, you may have a small amount of light creep through between the edge or your recess and the blind.

Measuring Diagrams Recess


An outside mount blind will be installed on your window frame and will overlap the window panes. This is an ideal solution for square set windows or windows with architraves. Outside mount blinds are ideal for a complete blockout solution. With enough overlap over the window, blinds will prevent light from seeping through the sides. 

For windows with an architrave, your brackets will fit onto the architraves.

For square-set windows, we recommend your blind be 80mm wider than your window.

Measuring Diagrams Face