Installing Brackets for Outside Mount


Before installing your brackets, make you have prepared your blind for installation. Decide whether you are front or back rolling, and which side you want the chain to be on. Once this is done, you're ready to install your brackets.

Begin by identifying your brackets and ensuring that they match up with the correct control.




If outside mounting, you can (1) Face-fix your brackets to the wall/architrave; or (2) Top-fix your brackets to the ceiling. 

face vs top fix


You will have already measured and provided an exact width for your blind. Before installing your brackets, grab a pencil and mark where your brackets will be positioned. Using a tape measure, mark each bracket position so that the total width between your brackets match the exact width of your blind. Be sure that both brackets are at equal distances from the window so that you do not get too much overlap on one side. Next, determine the height of your brackets so that they are both level.

Place your bracket in position and create a pencil mark inside the holes. 


Drill pilot holes inside the pencil marks before you screw in your brackets. Make sure you choose the correct drill-bit so that your pilot hole is smaller than the screws. Next, screw your brackets into the pre-drilled holes using the screws provided.

Pro Tips:

  • Don't completely tighten screws until you are sure that your blind is level.
  • Bracket holes have some depth, so you can always loosen screws and easily move brackets up or down.
  • The screws provided are for us on timber wood frames. Appropriate plugs or wall anchors are required for drilling into other materials.